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About Us

Reconnecting the human and more than human world

Dol Fach Community Interest Company is a newly formed business wholeheartedly committed to providing benefit to all members of the community by offering therapeutic experiences and reconnection with our natural world. We provide a caring, inclusive space, which builds community, belonging and resilience.  We do this with a sense of fun, creativity and opportunity for self-discovery.

As a Community Interest Company (which are sometimes described as a Social Enterprise), our rationale is to improve the lives of our community and any profits or assets are reinvested in the business to enable us to meet our social objectives.

Our name, Dol Fach, means Little Water Meadow and is the name of one of the fields here at Fferm Penbanc Farm. This small farm is nestled in the Clettwr valley of rural South Ceredigion.  The constant burbling of the Clettwr river is a reminder of our place within nature and how we are beholden to her seasonality and whims. This wild and unkept land is rich in wildlife, complemented by a herd of rare breed Gloucester cattle.  In addition to a small flock of ducks and hens, we practice natural beekeeping.  The site is shared with ANUNA Craft Bakery and we hope to work with them in the months to come.

We are committed to offering a wide range of transformational practices, projects, and experiences, mostly connected to the land.  We wish to work with providers, charities and others committed to enriching the human and more than human world.  Please get in touch.


"It is foolish 

to let a young redwood

grow next to your house.

Even in this

one lifetime,

you will have to choose.

The great calm being,

this clutter of soup pots and books - 

Already the first branch-tips brush at  the window

Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life"

Tree by Jane Hirshfield


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