Elizabeth Neagle

Care Farmer & Ecotherapist

My family story goes that as a baby, if I was upset, I could be soothed by having my pram left under the trees. I was happiest outside, playing in nature.

As I grew up I found myself existing in the very human world.  I had a twenty-two year career in Health Service management, and in time I moved from the public to private sector and could be categorised as "successful".  But something was missing. I enjoyed the jobs I did, being with the people I worked with, and the patients I supported, yet whilst I couldn't name it at the time, I felt disconnected from the living world.

In 2014 I qualified as an Integral Development Coach, and in 2017 Andrew and I left the "security" of our corporate existence and moved to rural West Wales. Our intention was to create livelihoods connected to the land; giving rather than taking.  We created Becws Crefft ANUNA Craft Bakery and starting a small business has taught me so much about resilience, community and determination.

I have returned to what I love; being outside and supporting people to find their way through life.  Nature is an amazing guide, teacher and healer.  And most importantly, something stirs inside, something familiar, as we find our way back to our place, our connection in the Natural World.