What are your fees?

Our fees are dependent on the type of service you are seeking. Interventions such as Ecotherapy and Healing may only need one or a few sessions.  Coaching requires a longer commitment, typically weekly over a three month period.  If your personal circumstances make our fees difficult for you, please email us and we can see if we can reach an accommodating solution.

Which type of support is best for me?

Each client comes with a different question or reason for support.  We'd suggest booking a service which drew you to our site or feels that it is calling you.  If you still feel stuck, please email us and depending on what you share with us, we can make a suggestion as to what might be appropriate for you.

Where can I be seen?

Coaching sessions are typically held either in person at Penbanc or online.  Ecotherapy takes place outdoors and I usually like to work at Penbanc but can travel if needed, for example if you have accessibility issues.  Healing generally takes place in person, or I can offer online, and have had positiver results working this way.  If we are to work online, you will need access to a device with a video camera, microphone and does not need you to hold it.  Also, you will need to be able to use Zoom or FaceTime.

What do I need to bring?

First and foremost yourself!  Seriously, this can be really difficult as we are so conditioned to perform a certain archetype, that we lose our true selves.  This is why so much of this work is so important.  On a practical level, if we're working outside you'll need the right outdoor clothing for the season.  It can be wet here and the land is undulating.  So please wear sturdy footwear such as wellies or walking boots, and have wet weather gear on hand.