• elizabethcneagle

New beginnings

This is a start, a new beginning for me, or rather I am courageously stepping into my vocation. I know what it feels like to keep turning away from that which calls you; it is easier to numb out with something familiar, something "safe", something more convenient, less painful. But that quiet voice doesn't stop tapping at your life. Sometimes it gets so loud, its roar is all consuming. So if there is a breakdown in your life (however great or small), I am inviting you to turn into the discomfort. Seek help, seek support, seek guidance. And if it feels right to you, I may just be the guide that you need.

Early January and the sun is slowly returning to us in the northern hemisphere. We are in the depth of winter, and this is how it looks today on the footbridge over the Clettwr, which courses through this land. But now is the time when we put down our roots, feel into the earth and find our groundedness. By working with the natural cycles, it is the time of new beginnings for us all.

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